Blamsformer Parody

2007-09-05 16:54:40 by Bantilan

Ohhh... I've promised that i finish and release last month the blamsformer parody, Ive already finish 10 of them, but my Old PC get laggggg when i compile it.. thats why i stop making and go on with my second Game.. now What should I do, I finish the Blamsformer Parody or finish the new game?

And can someone help me to compile my FLA to your PC?

below is the screenshot

Blamsformer Parody


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2007-09-05 17:47:22

I'm curious to see the Blamformers parody. So your PC can't compile your FLA?

(Updated ) Bantilan responds:

Yes Tom.. pls help Me, when i compile the blamsfomer on pc the movie dont appear, i think its, because of lots of Assets and detailed Movieclip, i got frustated when i draw new spoof on it... Help ME....


2007-09-05 18:32:12

If you want you can view it just ask me..


2007-09-05 18:56:44

I don't get it. So, a parody of a parody?

Bantilan responds:

yah... looks like that


2007-09-27 04:41:46

i wanna see!


2007-10-19 03:00:19

any news?