Who can make AI programs

2007-10-24 18:49:41 by Bantilan

Hello dude, This is my second time to make a platform game, I almost done with the sprite, the collision program, and the reducing lag with Maps . My problem is my AI or the enemy is not really as good, my AI can only move where the player is and attack it, I tried my very best to make a Intelegent AI programs, but I cant,

Can you help to make it? or just giving the if else conditions, or whatsover? and also the condition when the enemy will appear on the map, when the player goes there...

Who can make AI programs


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2007-10-24 18:56:28

Oh.. I cant wait to see that game, I cant help you to make the programs, coz im noob with it... sorry, pls pls finish it....

Bantilan responds:

thaks for your support, hope someone help me. If none, i think i just use my own AI program and added few randoms....


2007-10-24 20:56:06

Oh your one of those e-queers trying to make them selfs feel better by telling ather people to die.. Wow you realy affected me... I hope I meet you some day, that way I can tear your head off and shit down your throat:). I hate your "cock me in the butt attituide"... and you will loose this flame war.

Bantilan responds:

hope so, hahahahahahah..... i just need help...


2007-10-29 05:29:38

Wow, I wish I could play that game of yours, Go Pinoys of Newgrounds!


2007-11-01 17:39:28

I love you too?!


2007-11-07 23:03:19

Try asking on the flash forums there are lots of geniuses there


2007-11-30 21:07:34

I found some A.S. about A.I.s:
http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/2 96768