VisualBasic 6 help

2007-11-22 06:26:28 by Bantilan

hello guys, can you help me, if its ok? what is the function in Visual Basic 6 on closing the program?

Example: I made a comand button then when user click on it... the window will be close just like the x button on all windows...

is it.. ExitWindows???? tnx a lot


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2007-11-22 11:54:07

Double click on your command button exit.

Whatever you named(i.e. cmdExit) should have a cursor in it.

Type "End" without the quotes.

Then run your program and give it a try :]


2007-11-22 11:55:42

PM me if you need help with anything else


2007-11-22 12:13:18

people if you want to code
dont use visual basic
its really really bad
u want to learn to code do what im doing
then java
then c(++)


2007-11-30 21:06:23

Type the code "Unload me" w/out the quotation marks


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