Blamsformer Pirated Version

2007-07-22 23:09:08 by Bantilan

Hi Im working now on to Blamsformer Parody its about making the Pirated Version of Blamsformer where the Movie is trying to have precaution on Transformer did..

I finish the movie of Weirdo and TomFulp... and the movie is compose 10 or more movies.... and The movie is completely redrawn its not Copy and Paste but the concepts are same with a bit shit changes..

And Watch some of my Movies

Hope You check it Next Week... Thank You!!!


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2007-07-24 06:35:09

Looks Great!!! I think this is more awesome than the original Blamsformer....... I wanna see it as soon as possible

Bantilan responds:

thank you...


2007-07-31 16:54:28

So which shorts are you gonna do? The first 5?

(Updated ) Bantilan responds:

I already finish the spoof of Weirdo, Tomfulp "MY BAD", Dan Paladin, remyZero, Mindchamber"Shower", and the INTRO... hope i finish all movies, and added more shit.. Thanks


2007-08-08 09:15:28

Lol, hi there kabayan. :P


2007-08-17 21:15:55



2007-08-19 05:10:13

Galing mo a


2007-08-25 18:28:06

I love you too honey.

Bantilan responds:

I love u too miss Beautiful