My love of my Life..

2009-03-08 00:09:32 by Bantilan

Christine Joy Cloma..

I love this girl very much.. heehehe... SOYA tuwad.. :P

dhady and mhamy...

-Erwin Bantilan

Happy New Year to All

2007-12-31 11:20:40 by Bantilan

Happy New Year to All Newgrounds Members...

Hope this year will be the Best... thats it...

Hair Smash Release

2007-12-02 15:53:31 by Bantilan

Hello dude,

I release the Hair Smash for the second time, but still the Highscore system is not working on other domain?

The Game version of hair Smash Highscore system here is not working, Im so sorry for that.

You can only play the online Version by downloading it..

here's the link: Site/HAIR

Thank You Again.....

VisualBasic 6 help

2007-11-22 06:26:28 by Bantilan

hello guys, can you help me, if its ok? what is the function in Visual Basic 6 on closing the program?

Example: I made a comand button then when user click on it... the window will be close just like the x button on all windows...

is it.. ExitWindows???? tnx a lot

Who can make AI programs

2007-10-24 18:49:41 by Bantilan

Hello dude, This is my second time to make a platform game, I almost done with the sprite, the collision program, and the reducing lag with Maps . My problem is my AI or the enemy is not really as good, my AI can only move where the player is and attack it, I tried my very best to make a Intelegent AI programs, but I cant,

Can you help to make it? or just giving the if else conditions, or whatsover? and also the condition when the enemy will appear on the map, when the player goes there...

Who can make AI programs

Blamsformer Parody

2007-09-05 16:54:40 by Bantilan

Ohhh... I've promised that i finish and release last month the blamsformer parody, Ive already finish 10 of them, but my Old PC get laggggg when i compile it.. thats why i stop making and go on with my second Game.. now What should I do, I finish the Blamsformer Parody or finish the new game?

And can someone help me to compile my FLA to your PC?

below is the screenshot

Blamsformer Parody

Thriller Goes Massacre

2007-08-27 18:09:53 by Bantilan

I finally finish the movie last night... Its about the Algorithm Dance by the Prisoner in Cebu. You can watch their Dance Spoof in YouTube 9M3o..

And heres the link of Animated version and Killa'h version..

Thanks for watching, by the way Im not a killer.. hehee thanks to the reviewer..

Blamsformer Pirated Version

2007-07-22 23:09:08 by Bantilan

Hi Im working now on to Blamsformer Parody its about making the Pirated Version of Blamsformer where the Movie is trying to have precaution on Transformer did..

I finish the movie of Weirdo and TomFulp... and the movie is compose 10 or more movies.... and The movie is completely redrawn its not Copy and Paste but the concepts are same with a bit shit changes..

And Watch some of my Movies

Hope You check it Next Week... Thank You!!!

Hi Guys On next Month ill be releasing my Spider Fighting II... Last year i release my first game Spider Fighting I you can play it on my page....

Please Check it out...